Kinect v2 Examples with MS-SDK


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Kinect2_MsSDKKinect v2 with MS-SDK  is a set of Kinect-v2 examples that uses several major scripts, grouped in one folder. The package contains over ten demo scenes. The avatar-demos shows how to utilize Kinect-controlled avatars in your scenes. Gesture-demos demonstrate how to use programmatic and VGB gestures. Interaction demos show how to control hand cursors and how to utilize hand grips to select 3d-objects. Overlay-demos – how to align 3d-objects to the Kinect video stream. The face-tracking demos present Kinect face tracking features, like face models and overlays. Speech recognition demo shows how to use speech to control your game with voice commands. Fitting room demos – how to combine 3d clothing or humanoid models with the video stream. There are many other demo scenes, like the background removal demos, depth and color collider demos, multi-scene demo and recorder & player demo. This package works with Kinect v2 and v1…

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